From hip, urban and contemporary styles to classic patterns from Armstrong and Mannington, Brooks Flooring offers a large array of vinyl for any taste. Our vinyl is priced low for the budget-conscious shopper looking for the best bang for the buck. Come check out our higher-end fashionable patterns that look like nothing Armstrong or Mannington has ever put out before. Are you looking for a style that’s returning into homes across the country? Come take a look at our linoleum samples.

Our installers are trained well and are time-tested in their vinyl installation skills. So whether you desire to re-do your kitchen, vamp-up your bathroom, or simply resurface your furnace room, we provide the best installers and the best product in town.

We also offer up-and-coming styles such as cork flooring. Cork is gaining popularity again because of its environmental friendliness and durability. Cork trees grow in Mediterranean coastal areas, and unlike most trees where the primary value is derived from the lumber of the trunk, cork is obtained from the bark of the tree. Therefore, the benefit lies not in felling the tree, but in keeping it alive.

Cork is fire-resistant and does not spread flames. Also, because of its makeup, cork floors are resilient, quiet, and great thermal insulators. Suberin, an inherent substance of cork, is found in the floors, and is a natural insect repellent. Even termites are kept at bay. Come see for yourself the benefits of owning a cork floor.

Vinyl Floor Examples

Come check out our large showroom in Cincinnati of Vinyl flooring examples, designs, layouts, and more!